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The adventure of Saveone kicks off from a meeting fortuitous and fortunate, of those who cannot be programmed but who must know how to ride when they occur. It is 2018, the professional paths of Andrea e Valerio they meet by chance. Both have been dealing with the world of fashion for several years, the former as a model and influencer, the latter as a descendant of a family of entrepreneurs in the sector. They share a passion for and the attraction for the digital world. For this, the agreement is immediate and very quickly turns into the decision of found a new brand.


The desire to do well is great, as is theambition. But there is also the awareness of a complex challenge, a marathon in which tenacity and perseverance count. Fashion is not an easy sector: the stage is crowded and you need to really own to stand out something extra. Better, therefore, to start with caution, without letting oneself get caught up in haste and impatience. A garage and a few selected items of clothing are the weapons with which Saveone presents himself in the crowded arena of the fashion online. Commitment and attention are paid off. The first results, in fact, exceed expectations: only 24 hours pass and the whole catalog is sold out.


The key to that immediate and unexpected success is in the mission that Andrea and Valerio have imprinted on their brand: the made in Italy within everyone's reach. Most Saveone garments, in fact, are produced in Italy, in the wake of the long tricolor tailoring tradition. The fabrics are selected, the manufacture is treated in detail, the style is clean. Clothing of quality which, thanks to digital sales, can be offered to customers at a price accessible. An approach that is light years away from that of mainstream shops, digital warehouses of low-priced garments personality.


Time confirms that the initial sprint wasn't just a flash in the pan. Collection after collection, Saveone's path in the world of fashion continues a increasing rhythms. And the company changes accordingly, it strengthens, both in the spaces and, above all, in the personnel. It is the right time to grow, always gradually and without excess. Around the two founders, a team of six peopleand, young and close-knit, covering all activities, from warehouse management to communication. The spirit, however, remains that of the beginnings, nothing gets lost from passion and intuition which allowed Saveone to take off.