Saveone's history and projects told on Forbes Italia

Saveone's history and projects told on Forbes Italia

An in-depth interview with Andrea Melchiorre, co-founder of Saveone, went online on the Forbes Italia website, the Italian edition of the famous US magazine. A chat that retraced the fundamental stages in the life of the brand, from its birth until today, with an eye to the future and to the projects in the pipeline. Many themes were touched upon, from the relationship between fashion and digital to the value of made in Italy in the world.

A May 2018 went online there first version of the Saveone website. Thus began the adventure of a fashion brand that, from its very first steps, chose to focus on digital, recognizing its potential. Three years later, the recurrence resurfaced during Andrea Melchiorre's interview with the digital Italian edition of Forbes. The famous American magazine with an international circulation, in fact, hosted the co-founder of Saveone within Forbes Leader Digital, a video column that tells the stories and vision of young Italian digital leaders. The chat with Federico Sbandi, conductor of the space, made it possible to retrace the fundamental stages of the growth of the brand, deepening some key themes, such as relationship between fashion and online business and the importance of enhancement of made in Italy.

From influencer to digital entrepreneur 

It started from origins, even before the Saveone brand took shape. Roots that are inevitably intertwined both with the beginnings of Andrea's career, as a model and influencer, and with the boom of Instagram, a platform capable of changing the balance in the world of marketing and communication. Speaking to Forbes, Andrea told how his social popularity literally "exploded in his hands", also thanks to television. A sudden popularity that he chose to reinvest, right away, in a business idea: create a clothing brand. First together with a small group of friends, then alone, finally in tandem with Valerio Bartolo, the last descendant of a family that has been involved in fashion for four generations. A fruitful partnership, certified by a company growth, year over year, about 150%.

Made in Italy fashion within the reach of every man 

If digital is Saveone's first distinctive trait that emerged in the interview, the other characterizing theme is that of Made in Italy. The 90% of the garments present on the online shop, in fact, is produced entirely in Italy e marketed excluding all intermediaries. A choice born of a clear philosophy: to guarantee made in Italy within everyone's reach. The brand, in fact, has the ambition to speak to all men and not just to a limited target. From the boy who is still studying to the established professional, anyone must be able to enjoy a beautiful Italian garment, the perfect mix of style and quality. Trendy but durable clothes, for a decidedly counter-current approach to fast fashion rhythms. Made in Italy, therefore, as a choice of field. But also how business card. In fact, the Italian cultural and landscape beauties, which often return in Saveone's advertising campaigns, are a very recognizable flag. A banner that fills with pride but that, at the same time, empowers.

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