Black Friday 2020, all waiting for November 27th

Black Friday 2020 will be celebrated on November 27th. The shopping day, like every year, will be an opportunity to shop online by taking advantage of super offers and discounts. Saveone also has unique surprises in store for its customers. But what are the origins and reasons of Black Friday?

Long queues outside the stores. E-commerce targeted by thousands of users simultaneously. People of all ages who camp out for a whole night out of shopping malls to get their hands on the object of their desires. Over the years, Black Friday has always known how to put on a show, to the point of turning into a real international event and extending well beyond the 24-hour perimeter. The day shopping, born in the United States, is now practiced all over the world and is considered the official start of Christmas shopping. Few, however, know its origins and the why of his name.

At the roots of Black Friday 

The first Black Friday was organized in 1924 by the chain of stores Macy's. The Friday after Thanksgiving (a heartfelt North American holiday) a fantastic parade took over New York, to kick off the Christmas season. Since then, the shopping day has become an institution, which always falls between the end of November and the first days of December the Friday after Thanksgiving (which in the USA is celebrated on the fourth or last Thursday of November).

If the starting date of this tradition is practically certain, the less certain they are the origins of the name Black Friday. According to some, the color chosen would be that of the ink used by accountants to record business trends. Thanks to crazy shopping fridayin fact, this would go from red (loss) to black (active). According to another version, however, the mood of all those involved in the traffic chaos that Black Friday causes would be black.


Black Friday 2020, the pandemic does not hold back the discounts 

A few weeks ago, the countdown to Black Friday 2020, scheduled for the 27st November. It will be the first with the Covid-19 pandemic underway around the world, with many shops closed due to restrictions to stem the contagion. However, we must bet that difficulties will not hold back the discounts and the resourcefulness of entrepreneurs and traders. Many, in fact, are already organizing with dedicated promotions and a widespread network of shipments and home deliveries. On the other hand, Black Friday is an essential day for anyone with a store, physical or online. Suffice it to say that economists use it as a reference day to understand people's propensity to buy and to make forecasts on consumption trends.
Also Saveone, which has always believed in the power of digital, is gearing up to give its customers a day of exclusive discounts and surprises. Stay connected!