Sanremo 2022, all the men's looks of the final

Sanremo 2022, all the men's looks of the final

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Sanremo 2022, men's looks have taken the stage

The singers competing in the 72nd Sanremo Italian Song Festival were divided between those who chose a classic look, embellished with eccentric notes, and those who dared to amaze the audience. From senators Morandi and Ranieri, who let themselves be conquered by sequins, to the winners Mahmoud and Blanco, who played with class on the ambiguity of their interpretation.

The 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival it turned out to be a success with the public capable of exceeding all expectations. A audience boom which has not been seen for almost 30 years and which has brought the most important singing festival in Italy back to the center of attention even of the youngest spectators. On stage, however, in addition to the songs, the protagonists were looks sported by the performers, especially men. The third Festival signed by Amadeus, in fact, will probably go down in history as the one in which men have dared more, giving themselves bright colors, sequins and even a long skirt. To enrich their performances inside the Ariston theater, in fact, some of the competitors in the competition (as well as the conductor) have chosen traditional outfits but embellished with extroverted notes. Others, on the other hand, have gone far beyond the barriers of conventionality.


Classic style but with personality

The first group includes true senators of pop music made in Italy: Gianni Morandi and Massimo Ranieri. Both of them sported impeccable suits with jackets in all the performances, while allowing themselves some quirks, such as the silver sequins on Ranieri's lapel in the final evening or the total white look of Morandi shared with his friend Jovanotti on the occasion of their duet.

Il male festival color, however, it was undoubtedly the black, chosen by almost all the competitors, especially in the grand final. The outfits by Fabrizio Moro (who gave his suit a sporty cut by removing the tie and slightly unbuttoning the shirt on the chest), Rkomi (who showed up wrapped in black leather, after showing off his naked torso in the evening cover) e Matteo Romano (even too classic for its 18 years). Some variations on the theme, on the other hand, were attempted by the other young players present in the competition. Saint John, for example, he presented himself in front of the audience in a black suit embroidered with bright, sparkling and metallic rhombuses like the under-jackets of Dargen D'Amico and Aka7even. A further variation on the total black theme was the one proposed by irama, whose dress was ruffled by a silver net. The choice of, on the other hand, is decidedly more colorful Achille Lauro, who sported a mauve suit with extremely refined lines.

Eccentricity at the service of art

Instead, let's move on to the other side of the fence, in the large group of those who, even in the final evening, have not given up on surprising. The first prize, also in this case, goes to the winners of the Festival. Mahmoud and Blanco, in fact, perfectly immersed in the theatrical atmospheres of a deliberately ambiguous interpretation, they trod the stage maintaining a perfect balance between style and provocation. Mahmoud he showed up wearing a white shirt and black tie worn over one long skirt always black. Blancoinstead, true to his stage name, he opted for a total white look consisting of a see-through shirt and loose, soft pants. The transparent solution was also chosen by Michele Bravi, who dropped her song in a two-faced dress: transparencies and golds on the right, black cloak on the left. Finally, honorable mention for the male component of the duo The list representative, that more than a dress she wore a stage costume where pink was the master.


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