Met Gala, all the secrets of the most glamorous charity event

Met Gala, all the secrets of the most glamorous charity event

Every year, the Met Gale offers the chance to show off creative clothes on a prestigious runway. The 2022 edition saw Blake Lively triumph, with a dress that changed color.

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Met Gala 2022, all the looks that have bewitched the charity catwalk

Like every year, the Met Gala has attracted the attention of world fashion. The benefit evening in support of the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute brought together great international stars who showed off all kinds of clothes. Do not miss the looks of Blake Lively, Kim kardashian and Glenn Close.

- charity events the most successful, those who attract donations and the spotlight, are those who know how to mix social intent and worldliness, heart and luxury in a balanced way. Year after year, the Met Gala he always manages to hit this goal and to make people talk about himself above all for the elegance and unscrupulousness that can be admired along his catwalk. L'2022 edition was no exception. Impossible, now, to consider it only a charity evening.


What is the Met Gala, the most famous charity evening in the world

For those few who still don't know it, it is good to say a few words about the Met Gala and its history. It is one historic charity event, born in 1948, which points to raise funds to support the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (in fact, the real name of the event would be Costume Institute Gala). THE 400 lucky participants (before Covid they were 600) pay out up to 35mila euros to be there. Beyond the social intent, however, the Met Gala, over the decades, has transformed itself into one of the most famous luxury events in the world, with the stars competing to be present and to stand out with their dress. In fact, every year the Costume Institute chooses a theme to inspire the clothes of the participants. In this way, the Gala turns into a competition of creativity, with dresses of all shapes parading on the red carpet.

Met Gala 2022, the most talked about looks

And that's what happened in the2022 edition, staged on 2st May. Theme chosen: Gilded glamor, that is the golden age of the made in USA style. Space, therefore, for sumptuous dresses, important jewels, corsets. Many looks that have left you speechless, but there was also some jarring. Surely Blake Lively it is not among them. In fact, her outfit did not disappoint expectations, becoming the protagonist of one too amazing transformation. The actress showed up on the red carpet with a dress reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty and which, in the middle of the party, even changed color, thanks to a dramatic change of dress, which took place in the center of a staircase. Definitely more sober but no less apt, the spouses Ferragnez they sported a black look with gold details. Moreover, Chiara Ferragni's dress was a heartfelt homage to the latest collection (1997) by Gianni Versace, brother of her friend Donatella. Also Kim Kardashian he chose the path of homage, in his case to a diva of the caliber of Marylin Monroe. The hugely popular show girl, in fact, lost 7 kilos just to be able to fit into the sheath dress that the iconic actress wore when she sang happy birthday to John Kennedy. In closing, they also deserve honorable mention Sarah Jessica Parker, in a sumptuous long dress, Dear Delivingne, who dared with an "almost naked", and the immortal Glenn Close, wrapped in Peccioli pink.


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