The must haves of men's fashion 2022

The must haves of men's fashion 2022

An elegant suit, a sporty suit and a turtleneck. Here are the three items that cannot be missing in a man's wardrobe. The must-haves of men's style

The inevitable 3, the must-have items that a man cannot (and must not) give up on 

A sporty suit, an elegant one and a versatile turtleneck. These are the three essential items for a man, at any age. Garments that adapt to different occasions in life and that should never be missing in the male wardrobe. Saveone has reinvented them with style and taste.

Dress with style for any occasion

No matter how large your closet is, what matters is that they are inside the right leaders, chosen with care and matched with style. In fact, elegance is not a question of excess but of selection. Sometimes a simple touch, a detail, is really enough to transform an apparently banal garment into a catalyst for attention and admiration. The important thing is never to be out of tune.

On the other hand, in a man's life there are many occasions when you also rely on the perfect outfit to be flawless and successful. An important business meeting, a gallant date, an evening with friends, a party with selected guests. And in these circumstances, age doesn't matter, from young professionals to mature men, everyone must always show their best. The men's wardrobetherefore, he must be prepared to deal with each of these eventualities.

The three must-haves of Saveone men's fashion

Here they are, then, i three heads must have of men's fashion, the three garments you should always have on hand: a elegant suit, for an sporty suit it's a sweet life. For each of these workhorses, Saveone has developed original and effective proposals, all to be discovered.

The sporty outfit

Let's start fromsports dress, what allows you to be flawless even in informal occasions, combining elegance, style and practicality. Along this line, Saveone proposes William, a refined and captivating suit, made of a smooth fabric very similar to that of elegant dresses. The lower part consists of a pant with elastic, with slightly oversized lines, for an absolutely comfortable performance. Same comfort that is also found in the upper part, thanks to a loose and soft shirt.

The elegant suit

Among the elegant suits, however, the flagship of the Saveone collection is undoubtedly the very Italian James, consisting of high-waisted trousers with adjustable straps combined with a single-breasted jacket slightly longer than the standard. The result is a dress with clean lines, fresh and refined, also considering the care with which the details are finished.


Sweet life

The third must have of men's fashion, omnipresent in the Saveone collections, is the sweet life. A real one wildcard, to be jealously guarded in the wardrobe and to be unsheathed at the first useful opportunity. Could be worn under different jacket designs, both elegant and sporty, because it is able to adapt to different needs without ever making people look bad.



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