Saveone capsule collections are born, the debut is signed by Mattia Marciano

Exclusive capsule collections inspired by the style of influencers, young talents and brands, all united by a passion for fashion. This is the news coming to Saveone's online store, the anticipation of a 2021 full of news. The launch collection was created in collaboration with Mattia Marciano, a twenty-nine-year-old Neapolitan dentist who has over half a million followers on Instagram.

The exclusives are ready to make their debut in the Saveone online store capsule collection, one of the projects that will characterize the brand in 2021. Collections of selected garments, built around a red thread and inspired by young talents, social influencers and brands. Style proposals intended to broaden the range of opportunities offered by Saveone to its customers, leveraging onuniqueness refinement.

Mattia Marciano signs the first Saveone capsule collection 

The first capsule collection bears the signature and inspiration of Mattia Marciano. "A dentist 24 hours a day", as he likes to define himself, with a passion for fashion and an Instagram profile that has far exceeded the half a million followers. Dentist and influencer, therefore; an original combination that fits perfectly on a 29-year-old boy with the hobby of gym and that of the reading. Two souls that are also reflected in her way of dressing: classic during the day, sporty but sophisticated when not at work. "I have always had a passion for beautiful suits", he says, "it is no coincidence that the idea of ​​collaboration with Saveone started from these and from sweatshirts". His obsession, however, are the shoes, because “they are like bags for women, they dress you up and complete you”. More than fashion, Mattia prefers to talk about style and taste, aware that "even a not particularly expensive garment, if well matched, works well". Not surprisingly, when choosing what to wear, he always tries to add a particular note, a touch of originality. The same spirit that is found in the capsule collection he curated for Saveone: essential items but enhanced by a note of refinement.

The Saveone capsule collections, for a 2021 full of style 

Inaugurated by Mattia Marciano, the capsule collections will be one of the elements that will characterize Saveone's 2021 and will all be entrusted to young talents and brands, all with a strong passion for fashion. Among them also many stars of the web, with a considerable digital "weight". On the other hand, it could not be otherwise, for a brand that has always had its main point of contact with customers on the network and has built its success online.

The proposals of the exclusive collections will range from different styles, even experimenting in unconventional terrains with respect to what Saveone usually offers. They will therefore be windows open to the world, opportunities for contamination between fashion created by professionals and that worn by enthusiasts. With one goal: to allow everyone to build an outfit that truly reflects the own personality.