Men's trousers, the 3 models you cannot give up

Men's trousers, the 3 models you cannot give up

In a men's wardrobe there are at least three models of trousers that cannot be missing: the America pockets, the cargo and the high-waisted ones. Three solutions to always have the right outfit. The important thing is to match them well.

You can love shirts or be a t-shirt type. You can have a huge passion for jackets, or use them only on special occasions. You can prefer ankle boots to moccasins. But there is one item of clothing that, as a man, you can never do without: i pants. Resign yourself, you have been wearing them since you were a few months old and will still continue to wear them when you are a mature man with a white beard. So much so learn to choose and match them best. It is not an easy undertaking, it is true, because there are many models of trousers, which adapt to different bodies and to different occasions. But there are three: must have truly unmissable, which you have to hang in your closet. Let's see them together!

America pocket trousers, a classic and versatile solution 

Let's start from classic. From simplicity to which it is good to never give up, because it is essential to feel at ease even in everyday outfits. The America trousers with pocket it is truly the evergreen that you can wear with ease every day. Comfortable and extremely practical, thanks to its large pockets, it can also be very versatile. Sporty when paired with a t-shirt, it quickly turns to casual when paired with a shirt or jacket. If you want to make your life easier, keep several pairs in the closet.


Cargo pants, the style of free time 

Let's move on to the second model, catapulted into the present directly from the boom of the 90s. It's about the cargo pants, with their characteristics pockets positioned on the outside of the leg and closed by straps, tears or buttons. The flavor is still hip hop and very popular, on the other hand, in the 30s, it was the workers' pants. Today, however, their style has evolved, making them decidedly transversal. The larger versions were joined by those slim, which give a more refined effect, while the colors have multiplied. Cargo pants are perfect for free time, perhaps spent outdoors.


High-waisted trousers, a touch of refinement 

Finally, we come to special occasions. Not the formal ones that require a classic elegant dress trousers, but those in which you want to clearly bring out your style, with a touch of refinement and elegance. The solution is i high-waisted trousers. Attention, however, to the combination, because it is a model with a strong personality that does not want disturbing elements around. The perfect match is with shirt and vest, which help to raise the waist. The sweaters and the combination with jackets are also good. It is important, however, to stay away from too intrusive designs or color patterns, the better solid color solutions with simple lines. Pants will make you stand out.




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