Pitti Uomo 2022: winter fashion returns to fill Florence

Pitti Uomo 2022: winter fashion returns to fill Florence

The 101 edition of Pitti Uomo will be staged in Florence, live, from 11 to 13 January 2022. An important return for men's fashion, in Italy and abroad.
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Pitti Uomo 2022, men's fashion looks to the future

From 11 to 13 January 2022, the famous Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, will host the 101st edition of Pitti Uomo, a historic men's fashion event known throughout the world. The winter event of Pitti Uomo, therefore, will return live after the digitalization of 2021, imposed by the pandemic. A unique opportunity to look positively to the future and return to putting style at the center.

The countdown has now begun. It is very close to the official opening of Pitti Immagine Uomo 101, scheduled forJanuary 11, 2022 in Florence, in the historic headquarters of Fortezza da Basso. An appointment that has the clear flavor of a restart, characterized by strong energy and a deep desire to leave the pandemic behind. On the other hand, Pitti Uomo also had to deal with Covid-19: edition number 99, in January 2021, had to be held in digital format. This time, however, it is back live, as already happened for Pitti Uomo 100 in the summer. “We attach a symbolic value to this 101 edition,” he explains Raphael Napoleon, CEO Pitti Immagine, "And companies are responding with enthusiasm." An important message, which starts from an event of great value, both in Italy and abroad, given the long history it has behind it.

Pitti Uomo in history, the intuition that changed the world of fashion in ItalyIn fact, Pitti Immagine Uomo was born in 1952, from the intuition of Giovanni Battista Giorgini, the last descendant of a noble family from Lucca, but residing in Florence. Italy does not yet have fashion shows, unlike its neighbor and rival Paris. Giorgini decides that it is time to fill this gap and opens the doors of his Villa Torrigiani al first fashion show made in Italy (the original name is First Italian High Fashion Show), which sees the participation of illustrious names, such as that of the Fontana sisters. Success was immediate, so much so that in the following years it was necessary to change location: first the Grand Hotel, then Palazzo Pitti (from which the manifestation definitively inherits the name), finally, from 1982, Fortezza da Basso, where it still takes place today. The change of scenography corresponds to an evolution of the nature of Pitti uomo. Also because, in the meantime, fashion shows in Italy have multiplied and Milan has become the queen of prêt-à-porter fashion. Florence therefore carves out a different role: that of cradle of craftsmanship and knitwear, with the absolute protagonist men's ready-to-wear fashion, made of classic and traditional clothes. Of the original charm, however, nothing is lost and Pitti Uomo, still today, is an event of international importance, in which, twice a year, top-level brands participate.

Pitti Uomo 101: towards the future, between reflections and reflections The title of the 101 edition of the Florentine men's festival will be Pitti Reflections. The theme of the installations, signed by the creative director Angelo Figus, will therefore be played around the "mirror" object and hinged on the binomial reflections-reflections. Two contiguous concepts that, in the reading he gives of them Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine, are “windows that open, gashes that lead inside and make you look far away, references that go beyond what is expected to represent a new beginning”. The exhibitors will be organized in three macro-areas, divided between Fortezza da Basso and Stazione Leopolda: classic, outdoor and new stylistic canons. Furthermore, ample space will be given to the relationship between fashion and sustainability, an unavoidable approach in a period in which climate change is becoming increasingly central to the public debate.

The icing on the cake: the special guest Ann Demeulemeester. In short, the ingredients for a great edition are all there. All that remains is to wait for the spotlights to turn on.



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