Sneakers, the history of shoes that have become legend

Sneakers, the history of shoes that have become legend

Sneakers are now no longer just sneakers but a true symbol, so much so that they also reach the catwalks of high fashion. Rubber sole, versatile style, a pair of sneakers cannot be missing in a man's wardrobe, an absolute must have. Here is the story of a shoe that became a legend.

All crazy about the sneakers, the iconic ones sneakers. But woe to define them that way, it would mean debasing them. In fact, sneakers are no longer simple sports shoes but true protagonists of men's clothing, at all levels. They even parade on the great international fashion catwalks. Year after year, they are made always different models, by style and features. They really exist for all tastes and anyone who has at least one pair in their wardrobe. That's why it's worth telling a little about their history, to get to know them better and appreciate their character even more.

The soul of Sneakers, between sport and style 

Let's start with the name. Sneakers, from English to sneak, verb which means move stealthily (Treccani), silently. Just like someone who wears a pair of shoes can do rubber sole. This is, in fact, their essential feature, what makes them so comfortable and practical. The materials with which the sneakers are made reveal their sporty soul, but their appearance is often very elegant and refined. This makes them perfect to be worn even together with a jacket, designing an attractive and refined casual style.

At the origins of a myth 

La passion for sneakers exploded in the second half of the 900s. Their origins and the needs they respond to, however, are much older. Going back through the centuries to look for an ancestor of these famous shoes you can even get to the natives of America (XNUMXth century). During their travels or endless hunting trips, the Indians protected their feet by applying a layer of natural latex to the sole. The first prototype of a rubber sole. The idea is winning but still very embryonic. The snap forward occurs in the 1850 when, in England, the first sneaker with a latex sole, made extremely resistant by the vulcanization process (discovered in 1839). From then on, it's all a crescendo. In 1917 the mass production, in 1924 the Adidas, in 1984 the Air Jordan by Nike, the most famous sneakers ever, signed by the basketball champion Michael Jordan.

In the heart of high fashion

For over a century, sneakers have dressed the feet of big stars of cinema, television and sport. The first to consecrate them was James Dean, who also wore them in the film Wasted Youth. True recognition as a style icon, however, came in recent times, when sneakers even ended up on the catwalks of high fashion. Among others, two giants of international style such as Giorgio Armani e Yves Saint Laurent. And with two godparents like that, it's easy to argue that sneakers are shoes that will never go out of style.



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