Everyone is crazy about Halloween, from Celtic tradition to a cool party

Everyone is crazy about Halloween, from Celtic tradition to a cool party

Over 2000 years ago it was "only" a Celtic party, today it is a world event where fashion, transgression and horror taste are mixed. Halloween, the night of the spirits, is now an essential party, a competition for the craziest disguise but also an opportunity to show off impeccable dark looks. A fashion that has also infected the catwalks and parties of the stars.

Once upon a time there was Halloween

Skeletons, zombies, devils and of course the inevitable haunted pumpkins. Halloween it is now a global festival that feeds on very specific symbols. Macabre, transgressive, horror, it is no longer just a "thing for children". "Trick or treat" it is still the most famous slogan, but behind it there is a dark world that even adults like. Year after year, the Halloween craze grows: a party theme, parades, morals dedicated. Even the big names in fashion get involved and the stars of the show battle to the sound of improbable disguises. But where does the tradition of the night of the spirits come from? When was she born? To get an answer, you need to go back in time for over 2000 years and delve into the traditions of the Celtic people. Among these was the Samhain, that is, the anniversary that marked the end of summer. According to the most accredited studies, this is the original core that gave birth to Halloween. The name, however, is American, and is a contraction of the phrase "All Hallows Eve", that is "All Saints' Night", a holiday of Catholic origin. Paganism and Christianity, therefore, merge, to give life to a party that has now become an international brand.

The night of the spirits parades on the catwalk

Until a few years ago Halloween it was celebrated almost only in the United States. Today, however, it is a real phenomenon of costume, which has invaded every corner of art and culture: from cinema to television, from fashion to literature. THE great renowned designers international were among the first to be bewitched by the charm of the haunted pumpkins, staging gothic and provocative catwalks. Total black look, bright accessories, studs and chains finishes: collections constantly poised between fear and seduction.

To the trendy looks, however, many Hollywood stars prefer Masks e unlikely morals. Some Halloween parties, in fact, are very similar to Carnival parties, with guests who appear dressed up as heroes of cartoons, comics, cinema or music. So it happens to meet Paris Hilton dressed as a saloon girl in a western movie, or Avril Lavigne disguised as Madonna.

Halloween 2020, create your trendy dark look

However, dressing up is not an obligation. Indeed, many choose Halloween Parties to show off extremely elegant themed looks. With a few precautions you can design your own "bewitched" outfit without resorting to disguises. Choosing strictly black clothes, for example, is a good starting point. A nice slim trousers associated with a slim fit shirt or perhaps a turtleneck sweater. The leather jackets are also very functional, reminiscent of the “beautiful and damned” Hollywood look. If you prefer a pop of color, you can opt for the blood red or the orange of the famous haunted pumpkins. The extra gear, however, is in the details, in the accessories, like a trouser chain hooked at the waist. For those who love to dare, there is always the possibility of a light makeup on the face, maybe a Dracula-inspired pallor or a little pencil to give intensity and mystery to the look.


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